Hello Family,

Trust you are having a GREAT June, we still today and tomorrow so don’t give up. There is definitely a reason to be thankful for. I sent a mail to a few friends on Saturday and I felt I should also share with you.

The lord proved that indeed He is God. I have not and cannot get over what He did for my family on Wednesday 24th June, so I left water on the gas cooker for hubby to bath since there wasn’t electricity to power the electric kettle and I left for work around 6:30. Hubby left for work as he wasn’t in the know and forgot to do the last minute house checks before leaving for work. My dear, we left the gas burning for over 13hrs, I mean from 6:30am till 8:00pm which was when my hubby got back from work. Hubby said the kitchen was hot like it was burning but no fire. Hmmmmmm, my dear, not even smoke, nothing got burnt except a part of the pot underneath that melted. My husband came home and saw the pot still covered with the gas burning at its peak yet it was still covered despite the hole under the pot. Pls I cannot explain this o. Where would we have started from, for heaven sake, we are but tenants o but this our God ehn is awesome.

Honestly ehn like I told a friend, I went home that day asking questions and wanting a sign somehow sha because I spoke to someone I respect so much, who is seriously trusting God for something and I am like, God whatsupp na? With that in mind, I wanted to get home to pray ni o and I saw hubby on his knees praying. Just looking at the pot and all the “what If’s” playing out in my head, I had all the answers to my questions.

This month has been a combination of many things for my family, God saved us twice from death or loss but we have become stronger and more thankful to God. Indeed our next year/phase starting in July is MEGA.

I have come to rest after these incidences that indeed, except God watches and keeps one, we labour in vain. I was reminded that God’s blessings are not just monetary. So while you’re looking at your bank account, what about your health account, your safety account, job account nko, marital account, etc. We have more than enough reasons to be thankful. For one, you are not getting a message of “please support imisi”. So Biko, chill and thank God, He has got you covered.


If you indeed love God, you would get the reward of a lover.

Saturday morning, I had a short revelation. I was praying and then I was real to God (pls be as real as you can get to God). Prayer goes beyond words; its a relationship, its communication between you and God. Back to my revelation, While praying, God laid in my heart that He isn’t upset when we take those little baby step in the midst of fear. As in, relax child, don’t get worked up because you feel you should be doing more or be on another level. So far you are taking a step and gradually growing your faith, God recognises your effort and would help you. KABAYA!!!. Are you not excited that God does not despise this our little beginnings, little faith, little seeds or little anything, so far you are not settling. So stop looking down on yourself. To God, getting to the end is not as important as who you BECOME and the people you bless while getting to the end. So while we are looking at the finish line God is looking at YOU and not taking HIS eyes off you. So at times, you are sure what your next move is, then suddenly, God changes the tides or process. Don’t be confused, He is only working on YOU till you become like HIM. So if becoming like Him means increasing the pain, the process or the timing or changing plans or stretching you some more or removing the finish line, HE would do it. So you see why we must always be tuned to Him so we don’t just run with what He has said but run with what HE is saying. Be rest assured, all things would definitely work together for our Good.

So just like Paul, I wanna lay aside what I have and have not achieved thus far, I wanna look unto Jesus, not the prizes or crown but I wanna fix my eyes and focus on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith because if I truly seek first His kingdom, if I fix my eyes on Him, all other things; the fame, prize, fulfilling purpose, wealth etc will definitely be added unto me.

My dear, so celebrate with others as they excel, even if it looks like God is just keeping you on the lowkey, my dear serve and love even from the back stage. God isn’t done with you yet.

Be encouraged.       shiloh 3

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Love you guys