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My SHILOH ’13 Experience

Where would I start from, a lot of people have been asking me about my Shiloh experience ( funny enough winners is not my local assembly but I don’t joke with shiloh, talk about sources of spiritual food *wink wink*) and I really do not know where to start from, words fail me to even explain insight I got, it seems like I am still in the process of digestion but whatever the case I do not want to ever leave this place rather I want to keep growing in GRACE. Alright let me take you on a journey quick summary of Shiloh, and then let you in on what some things I can never forget in my life. With full excitements and great expectations, the SHILOH 2013 commenced on the 10th Dec and ended on the14th Dec @ Cannaland, idiroko, Ota.

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One would think that the location of Cannaland might affect the number of attendees but the opposite is the case… This breaks all protocol of “church growth development”. Amazingly, the number of people and nations in attendance keeps increasing on the daily basis. As at Friday, the total number of nation as rose to 48. And over 3millon people were listening via the internet and people from 175 nations were also part of the service, indeed only God gives increase. Let me share some of the testimonies with you; TESTIMONIES: The numbers of people coming out to give testimonies keeps increasing per day not to mention cases of instant miracles. On Wednesday night 313 people came out to share their testimonies, as at Sunday morning we had over 400 instant miracles by the touch of the Holy Spirit . Some of the testimonies are: * A woman of 55years got married for the first time this year, after writing it down as her expectation for 2013. * A family where their ladies never marries, it’s a generational curse, three of their daughters got married gloriously this year. * A woman gave birth at age 54 after 28years of marriage * A man sowed his only car as Shiloh sacrifice, God relocated him and his family from a one room apartment to a 3 bedroom flat, he got connected with 7 importers who give him goods without paying, then he was blessed a few weeks ago with an Honda pilot. * God blessed a family with twins after 16years of marriage. * A lady was healed of tuberculosis, her lungs were restored and she regain all lost weight. * A man sowed a seed last year, this year God cancelled a 7millon Cedis debt and other things he was trusted God for. One of the testimonies that really got to me was a woman that took in two months after her first child and she kept confessing the word spoken over the church about experiencing double portion this year, the scan showed that it is just one child she has, so when she put to bed, the doctor said, “congratulations on the arrival of your baby and she replied, No it can’t be one, my papa (bishop) said is double portion we are going to experience this year. The doctor who was confused and felt like she has lost her mind said, madam it is just one child you have, we have to clean you up and she insisted that it is double ooo, the doctor furious and confused said, okay just to satisfy your conscious oya push, voila she pushed and another baby came out”. Yeah I can imagine your mouth is opened, the church went crazy because indeed if we have radical speaking faith, the promises and word of God over our lives will not fall to the ground. Many people had different interpretation to this particular testimony, the most popular was that, maybe it was just one child in that belly but her faith brought the second baby out. Also the instant testimonies were breath taking, I was healed of short sightedness (yeah I also did not know I had that until last week Tuesday/Wednesday when I discovered I could not read what was on the screen especially when it is in small print, it was usually blurry), a lady jumped out of the wheel chair when the word hit her on Friday night, a number of SS turned AA, blindness disappeared etc. One set of people that had countless testimonies were people that sowed seeds last year and came back with amazing testimonies. Peopled sowed their shoes, necklace etc, and came back as landlords, owners of lands, business etc this year, talk about God looking at the heart and not just the seed. A man said what God did for Him in one year, what his 50 years of Labour cannot do it for him. Let’s go to major things I learnt; –       When God is with you, my dear it is obvious, you cannot hide it, people will look at your life and know that indeed only God can do the things happening in your life, indeed it will be a matter of, “eyes have not seen… 1st Cor2:9… This is so true of the life of Bishop Oyedepo aka Papa, despite His exploit (which honestly can give one headache when you try to reason out how He is doing it) he doesn’t fail to give God all the glory and his humility is very humbling. So my dear, is God with you? Are you on the journey of life with God or you are running your race yourself. You might not look exactly like the picture God is showing you but it is a matter of time, if you stick with Him and obey Him fully, you will amaze yourself and the world.

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–       Papa was speaking to ministers and youth and said, “nobody or strategy can grow a church and keep the people faithfully like God and His word. Keep the pasture GREEN at all times and the sheep (the people) will come. There isn’t anything wrong with your location as long as you are where God has asked you to be. Despite the distance of Cannaland which was really not ‘wise’ in human mind for church growth, people are blessed and the church is growing and on the way to starting 5th service”. So do you seek a change in your ministry or church, let God take the lead always, get into the word and be sensitive. Never go before God’s people unprepared or with your own idea, never joke with your Saturdays as a pastor who need to preach the next day. Don’t just send people to do everything for you or get things done or fast/pray if you will not observe it also. There certain things you have to do yourself. Ministry is about meeting needs and not entertaining people, if you are not meeting needs (which is not just doing material needs) you are not doing ministry. –       My dear family we really need to know who we are, “the records of exploit in the bible are to be broken” quote by Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. We are in the era were we have been graced to do much more than the prophets of old, yes I mean greater than the deeds of Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist and even our Lord Jesus, this aint blaspheme John 14:12. So are you operating in that realm yet, if not, get into the word and be all GOD has empowered you to be. Also there are ministers on earth with certain grace you need, connect with them through their messages, tapes, books, and materials, some you can meet or know personally. Papa said something profound, “these people might not be perfect, after all we all are working towards perfection but they do carry something and someone”. I must say that our generation is filled with leaders/people without fathers, while some are just claiming spiritual fathers by mouth, it goes beyond saying it, be baptised in them. Who can we trace you to? Where do you feed from? Who is you father(s)? Without a father you cannot go far… we can trace Bishop Oyedepo to certain giants: Kenneth Hagin, Pastor Adeboye, Kenneth Copland, T.L Osborne, Yungi Cho etc. Locate yours today and connect to them not by doing eye-service because you might not meet people but you can be soo connected that you will carry their grace without meeting them. Trust me we all need ELIJAHS in our lives and they do not need to be dead before we start manifesting or to collect the mantle. –       If you truly love God we would see it in your actions, your seeds, how well you give yourself and substance to God. To love God is to Love God beyond yourself and all else. Let me ask a question, when last did you sow a seed to any kingdom project, buy a bus for a church, serve with your heart in a department in church, what is your offering like; do you give God the best or you give him change? Do u borrow your tithe, eat your tithe or are you faithful in paying your tithe? I could go on and on… but keep these things in mind and these quotes,: God never gives you His best at first, He gives the good thing or a tip of the ice-berg to see if you will be thankful just like the 10 leper who were cleansed but one return to say “thank you” and was made WHOLE… Pst Oyedepo Jnr, “ I breathe faith, it is so much in me that I told my family once that if I die, they should not cry for I will wake up, that how much am filled with faith”… Bishop Oyedepo, “Every thus says the Lord, is a possibility, you need to take it to the prayer altar for processing and manifestation. To be prayerless is to be arrogant” … Rev Aremu “Vision is a plan, divine guidance is the pattern. To be divinely guided is to live an error-free life. You can never out grow divine guidance. Within the world, there is your world, within the world of career, there is your career, and it is only through divine guidance that you can locate your place”… Bishop Aremu “Whatever cannot enter your heart cannot enter your hand. When a revelation comes don’t just write or say it, first things first is to be the first to jump into it, like the pool of Bethseda in John 5”… Bishop Oyedepo My dear, it’s time to examine our Christian walk with God, is it producing the right fruit in the right measure per time? It is time to WORD up, don’t forget that miracle still happens, it can happen for you 2 minutes before the end of the year, do you believe? Then get your praise on, celebrate in advance…

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