Hello Dear,

Love Yourself...yaaaaaay

Happy New Year once again. Welcome to the 2nd Month in this great Year.


This is like a two in one combo specially made for you. The link to my video “Celebrate Yourself” is also included in this post. It blessed me greatly I am sure it would bless you.

Am I the only on that feels like the year is moving really fast with a lot of thing happening all at once? The year is screaming at me saying, “Imisi no time o, get to work and make every second count”. Let me share my thoughts with you and do feel free to comment or add yours. If I am to give you a starter pack for the year, it will contain the following:

  1. This year we cannot afford to Joke with our relationship with God. We need to RISE and be the prophet over our lives.
  2. No room for laziness. Most times when we are spiritually lazy, it affects every part of our lives.
  3. We need to consistently study the word. Don’t just pray, look for a scripture to back up every prayer point. By so doing, we do not pray amiss or pray without seeing result. God is committed to His word. Get a note and make it your prayer book.
  4. We must write, keep a journal. You can’t just think up ideas or your goals or inspiration or occurrence. We need to write, make it plain, so you can run with it. Yesterday, I saw a journal I wrote while waiting for my life partner and honestly I was amazed at how much God answered my prayers even beyond what I could imagine. Of course, that experience made me thankful. So please write. From your thoughts, to prayer request to testimonies, revelation, ideas etc, just make sure you write.
  5. You cannot afford to be resentful, stay angry or live in offences. Please forgive in advance and move on. If it persists, pray for the person(s) and ask God for help.
  6. Lets get this straight, yes it’s our Year of Testimonies or whatever it is to you, but the devil is not on vacation o. He will try to steal your Joy, he would try to lie to you etc. Just make up your mind that nothing and no one will steal your Joy because Joy we cannot achieve anything.
  7. Manage your expectations from people regardless of who they are to you. After all, they are not God. So remember, people will always be people, God help us all, Also remember, challenges will come so don’t react, instead respond. If you do not know what to do, PRAY. I know that God always has a way to prepare His own for whatever is coming. No room for pity party, even if the pain warrants tears make sure you are praying or thanking God even in your tears. So, get up, sing, dance, thank God and be hopeful.
  8. One of the major take home from Walk the Talk Conference 2015 was, “You have everything you need for your next level”. If you maintain this mind set, you would be thankful and God will open your eyes to see what you have and what to do.
  9. It is a year of “Thinkers and Thankers”. Create your time to creatively think and thank God. Also this year, get knowledge. Take advantage of “google”, online free courses, ebooks etc. We must read and develop ourselves.
  10. Create phrases that will serve as booster to you especially when it feels like things are going “south” e.g., I will Rise in the name of Jesus, Its only a process, Thank you Jesus, Amen, I have all I need for my next level, God is good etc.
  11. Finally, CELEBRATE YOURSELF. Beware of the hidden seed of envy, unhealthy comparison, low self-esteem, pride, condemnation etc. The short video below explains it better.


https://youtu.be/ZMUePMcjO54       *its a MUST watch

I have got a number of good things to share with you, I cant wait but hey, we would take it one step after the other.

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Love You all. Hope to hear from you.