Lord Have Mercy by Femi Senjobi

Have mercy for the times we have sinned
For the times we lived less than we ought
For the resources we have wasted
Time, talent and treasures we took for granted

Forgive us for the times we whiled away
For the times we allowed to pass by unused
For the moments we did not juice
The days we did not redeem from waste

Forgive us for the talents we buried
For the skills we thought were not good enough
For the works we never brought to the open
Just because we believed a lie

Forgive us for the treasures we cast away
For the prophesies and truths we despised
For the nudges and burdens we ignored
For the dreams and visions we forgot

Have mercy on us for the harvest we left to rot
For the scarcity we created by our laziness
For the shortage of seed we have created
For those whose hunger is by our doing

Have mercy and restore us, O Lord
Restore to us the wasted hours and days
The years that the cankerworms have eaten
Give us back the time, Author of time

Have mercy and give us another chance
Give us the courage to step out
To cherish the gifts you gave to us
And not deprive the world of the blessing of us

Have mercy and restore our treasures
Let us hear your word to us again
Open our eyes and ears to hear and see again
Have mercy, let us get back on our feet again

Have mercy and give us a new lease of life
Give us a brand new seed to start over again
Cause the trees that are cut down to sprout
Cause the stumps to bears leaves again