People ask me what I have got…_MG_0025

They ask, if I have what it takes to get/do what I want..

They look at me out of curiosity, contempt, disbelief…

Some look at me with pity, wondering if I am totally blind to reality or isn’t anyone  telling me the “truth”…

How much do I have in my account  to demand or auction for such a house… I must be mad, they think…

They say to themselves, can she even drive and she wants that kind of car, mtsshhheeew…

Family&friends are getting tired or feeling for me, hoping I know what I am doing…

The greatest Joke, is watching me plan my dream wedding, they mock me and wonder how this will be?

They wonder to themselves or sometimes send people to ask or spy on me as regards what exactly it is that I do?

At times “their advice” makes me do a lot of soul searching to be sure I am on the right path… fortunately, this makes me more resolute because they have nothing on me,

I talk so boldly about certain platforms, my vision and dreams…. And many call it wishful thinking.

I talk so passionately about my ministry and call, it excites me and I am truly honoured to be used by God… Many ask if it is a Job and I should look for something more serious to do that will “PAY”.

I make plans to travel and even mention it, some people give me the look like, “How will that be?”

Many claim and advice I wake up and smell the coffee, “get real dear” they tell me.

Some even go as far as say, “Hey am also a Christian and I trust God but hey at times you have to apply wisdom and be “realistic”

In the midst of dealing with personal fears, seemingly realities, external pressure and all… a question popped up at me, “Hey you, what do you have?” Then this light dropped in my spirit #Gbam…. ALL I HAVE IS MY FAITH…. It came soooo strong

The only currency that can never the devalued.

Yes, all I have to spend is my FAITH which grants me access to Grace, Mercy, Favour etc…

My Reality is my FAITH in HIM… It gets scary at times… Trust me, it does, but it is the best thing to have.

Initially I wondered, if that was good enough, does it make me one of the wealthiest, since finance is the major contention?

I wonder, I just wonder… Lost in my thoughts

Then the answer came… Hebrews 11:6 or the entire chapter… Yaaaaaaay I am so excited. Then HE (yes I mean God) took me on a trip, showing me examples of people, whom all they had was FAITH. Trust me it is the difference maker.

ABRAHAM… All he had was FAITH when he left the, “KNOWN” for the “UNKNOWN”. We know the rest of the story, He became the father of FAITH(what a royal title), He showed us what it means to be wealthy, even Bill Gates or Carlos Slim Heluh do not have anything on him. He was so rich that his lineage today is still wealthy.

MOSES… He had nothing but FAITH to part the Red Sea. The Red sea did not create a walk way because he was an Harvard or Cambridge graduate, or because he spoke the flawless grammar or because he was the wealthiest. If that was the standard, then the sea would not have swallowed Pharaoh (the wealthiest/No 1 man on earth as at the time).

JOSHUA… ALL he had was crazy FAITH, to have even dared to obey God’s command to walk round Jericho for 6 days without saying a word then to shout on the 7th day. Honestly, I’m so sure I would have laughed at the instruction.

DAVID… This guy ehn… Hmmmmmm. He also must have had crazy FAITH to have confronted Goliath, what was he thinking??? But hey, we know the rest of the story of His life.

ESTHER… All she must have had was FAITH, to have began the journey to be the next queen of Babylon… Thinking about it now, ALL she had indeed was faith, her tribe alone was a NO NO, who knows if others were disqualified for this reason or if she was the only Hebrew to even try. This same FAITH was ALL she had to confront the king.

What about Elijah, Elisha, the Shunamite woman (who gave her last bread to the prophet), the three Hebrew boys, Daniel and many more, all they had was their FAITH…

Yes, I must mention that all that the men who obeyed Jesus when He turned water into wine was their FAITH and they did not even know it, lol.

JESUS was FAITH on legs, was it how he rode the best ride (colt) on earth without buying it, was it how He paid His disciples’ tax from coins from the mouth of the fish, was he how He healed or how HE was chilling on the water… You name it… And He passed it on to his disciples, who by FAITH even spoke correct grammar Acts 2.

So I rejoice, I am excited because it shows me that as lonely as the road of “All You Have is Your Faith” can be, many in time past and even today have/are walking that path. From all indication, it is a path of great Success and unforgettable impact.

It is the only Language God responds to or understands. It is the only currency that can be spent anywhere in the world without bothering about its universal acceptance. Its the only currency that can get you tangible and intangible blessings and satisfaction. It is the only factor through which I can please God and be a wonder to the world. I could go on and on.

So I tell myself (and I tell you too), go ahead, dream on, live on, get the house, the cars, make plans for the dream wedding, shop ahead for the kids clothing, rejoice in advance for that Job, contract, promotion, ministry explosion and more, because FAITH can and WILL pay your bills.

However, FAITH isn’t LAZY, or just talking. Faith without corresponding works is DEAD. FAITH is clothed with instruction/direction which can be very “stupid or unrealistic” in human eyes (ask the guys who took the water that changed to wine to the MC) but hey just like Mary the mother of Jesus said to the disciples, “Whatever He asks you to do, just DO IT”. So FAITH does not produce without obedience.

So if FAITH is all you have, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, it is more than enough… You have everything. #Selah#

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