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Thank God for a Great Day
Thanking God for a Great Day

So yesterday I started out by stating that it was a great day even before I started the day and indeed it was but the high point for me was later in the evening on my way home when HE dropped a very beautiful and deep though in my heart.

So after a long day and meetings on the Island, I was heading back to the office on the mainland with the hope of getting to the office in on time as it felt like we were on the road alone prior to that time but we were a bit disappointed as there was a bit of traffic here and there.

As we approached the first stop on the mainland I had a prompting to alit at a bus-stop since it was late and by the time I get to the office, it would be way beyond close of business but I dragged o, till we passed the stop because I was really hoping that my dear friend(s) who usually pick & drop me at home would wait or still be in the office ( a BIG shout out to paddies, Kunle & Ifeanyi I truly appreciate you guys for the free ride to & fro the office, omo I knew what sup when you guys were on leave, lol). Unfortunately for me, there had to leave at different intervals and I was still far from the office. (Please follow me).

At this point, I was already getting angry at myself because I have passed the B/stop to link my house faster which was better than following the car through the route to the office area which is like going round in circle since I am going home immediately and going home alone at that (I am going somewhere, lol).

I then alighted at another bus-stop, honestly I was pissed at myself but The ever sweet and loving Holy Spirit was comforting me already.

To my amazement, the road was free and I was in my area in no time, WOW. Then just like 5mins to my house, a thought dropped in my heart, “imisi, likening this situation to a man depending on GPS to get to his destination, if he misses a turn or direction(s), the GPS re-route him to pass elsewhere almost immediately, so also God always make everything work out for good for those that love Him”. Whoa, I almost jumped out of my skin, I was just smiling, because I am like, what an analogy.

Lemme break it down like HE did (I am just like my father, He explains deep principles with parables), no matter the wrong turns, decisions you take mistakenly or deliberately or you missed some opportunities, so far you make GOD your GPS (the Lord and Director of your life) just like the GPS He will ALWAYS “re-route” or redirect you. Common, if a mere GPS can do that and will not give up despite the wrong turns we make, it will keep redirecting you (even if the street no longer exist or its blocked sef,lol), how much more GOD the creator of all. Hmmmmm, isn’t it funny how we trust mundane things than God, we get on the road heading to a place we don’t know trusting that “my GPS” as some people call it will lead us without fail. So just imagine if a “thing” can do that, how much more the creator of the brain that made the thing, lol, just imagine…

So as you embark on the journey of life this year, make sure that your number 1 and only GPS is GOD (I am not saying don’t use GPS o). Its God or nobody else mehn, peradventure you are like me who got too comfortable in my “comfort zone” and refused to alit at the right stop when HE prompted me to (in order words, you made a mistake, took a wrong decision, move or turn) relax, go back to God in all sincerity, repent and ask Him to take the lead henceforth and you will be amazed at how HE will work all things together for good for you so much so you might even arrive at your destination faster than you thought, like I did yesterday*big smile, yes I got home faster than some people, tongues out, I am not referring to anybody o, lol*

So this year be rest assured that, “all things work together for good to those WHO LOVE GOD…” So the question I have for you is, DO YOU LOVE GOD? If you Love Him, you will obey him and not Hurt Him, yes a times you might fall, get up ask Him for help and never leave Him. You will never deliberately HURT the one you LOVE. Check it.

So mehn, the next time, the not-too-good things happen, I would smile and say, “Imisi chill because God is so going to re-route me or it will work out for good for me”. Maybe if what happened yesterday did  not occur, I might not be writing this today, so you see, it will all turn out for good so far GOD is involved.

When you know God has got your back
When you know God has got your back…Yaay

Have a GRACEful day.

Love y’all. Please do share your comments.

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