Helllllooooooo dearest family, how have you being. I wrote something about “ALL I HAVE IS MY FAITH” last week. You need to check it out if you have not read it  let’s move on to the next topic in our Love series…

This is the Real Deal
This is the Real Deal

Many of us struggle with the issue of LOVE because we fail to realize that we cannot give what we do not have. If you do not have LOVE you cannot give LOVE or receive LOVE or identify LOVE when extended to you. And the most interesting thing is, GOD IS LOVE.

Before you can even know yourself or understand your purpose you need to know God for yourself and not what someone told you about God. It is after this has been established that you can begin the journey to date someone.

Isn’t it funny how people have not developed their relationship with God to the point they can hear from God or ask Him for direction then SUDDENLY when they meet a guy or a lady, they want to hear GOD say, “my child fear not, he/she is the one, go ahead and get married”. My dear, it doesn’t work that way because even if God out of mercy speaks to you, you cannot identify His voice because you do not know His Voice.

So you want to get married and not make a mistake? Then you need to be sure that you and God are like 5 and 6. This is extremely important because except GOD builds a relationship/marriage, the builder (the couple) builds in vain. I am sure you have gone through 1st Corinthians 13 before, O boy, it takes one that has a solid relationship and open to God’s correction to love that way. Let me shock you, until you love like God instructs you are not yet in love. It takes God for you to be dead to yourself and put another person’s needs before yours. Relationship/marriage crumbles because it takes two GOD ADDICTS to make love work. You cannot be selfless without God working on you and God cannot work on you except you are in a relationship with Him. If your relationship with God is dead, then you will tend to want your partner to do what only God can do and because your partner is not God, chances are you will most times be upset.

imagescross n loveYou cannot separate LOVE from the CROSS

Relationship is beautiful when you are giving love to your partner from the overflow of your love life with God, it becomes easier to forgive and love like God. Let me share this story with you, to the glory of God my relationship has been without drama or fights. Trust me it is not because I am not capable of such but daily God is working on me as well as my fiancé so much so that we cannot go to bed angry, we cannot raise our voices at each other or live in unforgiveness because this is not GOD like. Trust me, there are times I could be like, this should vex me o and I will hear God say, “do not give room for the devil, love forgives, love is selfless, love doesn’t expect too much of the other person, he is human remember…” My dear at that point, no matter how upset I am, the God in me overrides my anger. We did not become like this overnight, it has been a continuous process of loving God and having a true relationship with Him as our Lord and personal savior. This reflects in our relationship and is the reason for the bliss we enjoy. NOTE this is best at work when both parties have a genuine relationship with GOD.

So do you want to know if your relationship will last or be heaven on earth or blissful, check your relationship with God. If your relationship with God and that of your partner is solid and forever growing then you are on point but if not, you need to reevaluate. To be God like is not by mouth o, it should show in your conduct, speech, life style so much so people around can testify that you are GOD on legs. It is not enough to ask your partner about his/her spiritual life, make sure you see God in them, make sure they practice what they preach because what you see is what you get o. Do not get me wrong, we are all work in progress. We could fall at times or make mistakes but be sure you see a contrite heart and repentant spirit in your partner even if it will take you guys taking a break for a while or be accountable to a spiritual authority to help you guys through.

Whatever the case might be make sure you settle for a GOD lady or a GOD man because “good guy/lady” most times is not enough. Also when push comes to shove it takes the God in you to help the relationship/marriage through trying times. Trust me, the mushy mushy feeling can go on leave or won’t be enough to pull you guys through. If you want a God lady/God guy then you have to be one yourself.


 It is a 3 cord connection people. YOU, YOUR PARTNER and GOD… shikena

If you are far away from God or you are not born again at all, pray this prayer, “Dearest father, I now know that there is no ME without YOU. I ask you to be my Lord and personal savior. Help my faith sweet Holy Spirit and help me remain strong till I become like You. Thank You for I know you have heard me, in Jesus name I have prayed. Amen.

Now the next thing is to identify with people who have genuine relationship with God, join a bible believing church, check out bible materials on line and you can always mail me on No matter how late you are, the same way you cannot leave the house naked never leave your house without praying/reading the bible. Always ask the Holy Spirit for help before reading the Bible.

HEY, maybe the reason your prayer life is boring is because you are the only one talking, do not be a talkative in prayer. Always listen and let God speak with you. He will speak through His word, your spirit man, ministers etc. it is a gradual process, you might not hear a voice now but God is always ready to speak to you, start with His word today, confess His word, pray in the Holyghost (tongues), pray for people, etc, these makes prayer fun and alive.

Coming next… The myth and truth of Love.

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