Is this for real? Like seriously God, you want me to go tell the people who have been waiting to hear what you have to say about their situation to break forth in singing. I know you are God and I am used to giving such “amazing” prophecies but let me recap the situations of these people. By the way, you know I will obey any which ways but these people are over depressed, some of the women are barren, some of them just lost their jobs, some their business has collapsed despite the seeds they sow in the ministry and the lives of people. Need I mention that some where kicked out this morning from their homes or is it the accident that claimed the lives of a number of people last week?… are you then sending me to tell them to ignite a joyful praise party in the midst of this chaos? In His El-Romantique confident voice, God replied, “yes Isaiah, thats what I said and demand from them.”

We should sing? Like seriously???
We should sing? Like seriously???

I honestly cannot believe this, I had to interject again … Pardon me dear Lord, but are you sure you do not want them to fast, make burnt offerings, a little deliverance here and there, you know…

Isaiah, tell them what I said, it might not real when they begin but after a while it will consume them. Also they should get ready for an expansion.

Okay Lord, I am on it right a way. As I prepared to leave the room, I heard the voice of the Lord yet again say to me, “Isaiah you are not exempted from this instruction oh, you had better believe it before sharing it. Remember you cannot give what you don’t have or expect people to run with a vision you do not fully believe in. Work it out son, I love and believe in you P.Isaiah”

HE always believes in me...
HE always believes in me…

I honestly can picture God smiling right now, I cant explain how I feel when I hear HIM call me that (P.Isaiah). Now I know I must work out this word/vision in my life before speaking to the people.

Having done all, I went to the square to fellowship with God’s people and also deliver God’s message to them. As I entered the square with my assistant I could feel the eyes of the people on me like they were trying to see into my soul. Hmmmm, I couldnt blame them, they were so in need of the word for the Now. I smiled and I started to share thoughts with them, finally I got to the good part and I said, “my brethren our God has asked us for a few things, He has asked us to break forth in Singing, oh you barren”. Immediately I saw people looking around confused and bewildered. I spoke up again and shared the whole message with them as documented in Isaiah 54 after which I cleared my voiced and asked, “any questions?”

Boy standing on stage with microphone and big eyes

Almost everyone raised their hands, the summary of the questions being, ” Prophet Isaiah, how do you expect us to do this seeing that we are highly depressed, some are without children, some hopless, and our present circumstance as a nation is nothing short of pitiable!” At that point, I smiled, looked up and muttered under my breath, “Thank you Lord for makin me prepare and go through the process that will make these people believe it is possible to be joyful regardless of your situations.” Staring into their faces, I began …My brethren, if God is asking us to do this then its possible, don’t forget where we are coming from. I am on my own praise spree as well… before I could finish, a man interrupted saying” oh please Prophet Isaiah, it is very easy for you to break foth in singing, afterall you are a prophet, you hear from God and you are sha okay.

Very funny!!!
Very funny!!!

I laughed uncontrollably as i wondered, since when did being a prophet become a prestigious position? Are these not the same people that judge me, shut me up, laugh at me relegate me for speaking the truth, but for your current predicament you’d rather be where I am? …. oh please. Guys do not be deceived by the outer appearance or the news in town, we all have things we go through. I have had my share of copying with seeming failure, heartbreak, discouragement, pain, lack etc. Infact when God told me, Sing oh barren, you that have not bore a child, I was like, excuse me are you for real?

So I understand how you feel but like the late Psalmist said, “count your blessings and name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” My dear friend we must get to a point where all we know and love about God are not just His blessings we must get to the point where the thought of His love and Goodness provokes praises in our heart despite what we are going through.

Guys have you forgotten how He rescued us in time past? Common! read up the other chapters in my book chapter 42, 43, 41, 40:37-41 etc. I meditate on what He has done in my life in the past, I meditate on His promises, what He has done in the lives of others and above all I focus on who HE is. Guys GOD CANNOT LIE. It is not in His nature, so that should make you sleep well at night. At this point, the people have started singing, it sounded off tune in the beginning but I am sure once it becomes part of their lives, it will be like a sweet fragrance.

Get ready to Praise, Laugh, Dance & Rejoice...
Get ready to Praise, Laugh, Dance & Rejoice…

So are you ready to BREAK forth into singing and prepare for an expansion just like the people did. It might not be easy to get to do this but hey start anyways.
But don’t forget, expectation fuels Joy which should cause you to prepare for your breakthrough. Being Joyful without preparation to expand as seen in the other verses of Isaiah 54 is hazardous.

Keep this simple rule in mind, When it makes sense PRAISE, When it doesn’t PRAISE EVEN MORE…