#the untold story of the WEDDING AT CANA

Thinking of my dear son always brings joy to my heart. I know very soon, in fact, I believe it is closer than I can imagine, the world will see and know without a doubt that He is the MESSIAH.

jesus 6

Being his mother is the greatest gift ever. Of course it comes with a lot of sacrifices, that is a story for another day but in all I am grateful…

His voice shook me out of my thoughts.

Mum, what are you thinking about?” He asked.

Smiling, I replied, “Nothing my dear”

*well we both knew that He sees my heart* LOL, with that thought we both laughed.

Let’s go! We are running late for the wedding”, he exclaimed.

I could not help but stare at my son who is also my Lord. He is very handsome, humble and tender. I did not know when I stopped on my way, to stare at him.

He turned back and said with a smile, “Mum are you going to stand there and admire me all day”.

I busted out in laughter, hurried up and we rode down to the wedding.

As we stepped into the venue I saw people I hadn’t seen years.

Since Jesus’ birth

They looked sternly at us and their mouths opened in bewilderment.

However the reaction to our entrance was the least of my worries. I know who my son is and I know I had an immaculate conception, so if they still think I had premarital affairs with Joseph, omo that is their business o. I took my son by the hand with joy and pride and we went around greeting everyone we needed to greet including the couple.

In the midst of the celebration, I noticed the mother of the bride was devastated. I walked up to her and she said the wine had finished and people, I mean very important people (VIP’s) were just arriving and there was no where to purchase more wine at such a short notice. I consoled her and thought to myself what could be done. Suddenly an idea came to my mind!

I walked straight to my son, pulled him aside and said to him, “My dear, their wine has finished o” He appeared unruffled by my statement and replied , “Mum o, how is that my business or yours na, mama please I know you mean well but my time hasn’t come, don’t push me”.

He quickly gave me a peck on my fore head and with that, I knew he had it all figured out. I looked at him straight in the eyes like a mother full with compassion, I smiled and walked away.

I went straight to the servants and I told them, “Young men, please whatever He tells you, do it”. As I walked away, they looked at me wondering if they had ever disobeyed me or anyone during the course of the wedding. I smiled knowing that they would soon realize why I said what I said.

Out of compassion and love, Jesus beckoned on the servants and told them to fill the six stoneware water pots (which has a capacity of twenty to thirty each) in the house with water. They hurriedly filled it wondering what was next. While they awaited the next instruction, one of the servants , really eager to learn how to make “home made” wine, almost fainted when her heard Jesus’ next statement.

What did you say sir?”, another servant asked. Jesus smiled and said again, “Fill your cups and take it to the master of the ceremony”.

The servants began to whisper and murmur among themselves, “Is this man okay?” “Won’t he chant some incantations or pray or mix some fruit or do something extra?” “For crying out loud we filled the jars with WATER”.

Suddenly one of them remembered what his mother said, “Do whatever he says”. So with shaky hands and legs they filled the cups and took it to the master of the ceremony.

The MC collected the wine, took a sip, stopped and stared at the servants with his eyes about to pop out from their sockets. At this point, the servants started getting fidgety and they wondered if their jobs were on the line, but to their greatest surprise, the MC smiled and said, “Whaooo, I have never tasted such a tasty and uniquely flavored wine as this”.

Where has this wine been?, Isn’t it amazing that this couple reserved their best till the last. Let the celebration continue!”.

This was a defining moment in my son’s life and the “world” at the wedding wanted this new wine.

Unbelievable! What is going on?” the servant wondered. Some of them could not even taste the “wine” as they were so stunned.

surprised babies
Water to WINE KE?… Odi kwa very serious o.

Jesus looked at them and smiled. The servants never forgot him, some followed him and his teachings the rest of their lives.

Hmmmmmm, so I want to ask you some questions:

Have you invited Jesus Christ to your life, like the couple who invited Him to their wedding? Just imagine if He wasn’t invited? So if you haven’t or maybe you have “Uninvited Him”, it’s time to re-invite Him into your life. God in your life makes all the difference. He knows exactly what to do and since He is in your life, it makes His intervention(s) easier.

What has He instructed you to do that you are yet to do maybe because it sounds “crazy or it is unimaginable”? Or have you stopped dreaming because you think it is too big or you reducing your expectation because you are scared of the magnitude. Please don’t stop dreaming and go ahead to do what He has asked you to do. After all, it is God that said it and not a man. I realize that for every miracle, you have a part to play or something to do. If you are experiencing delay of some sort or believing God for something, ask Him to show you or tell you what to do. It might be that you need to give Him a shout, dance offering, continue to confess, sow a seed etc. Whatever it is, FIND out.

Lastly, do you have capacity or are you building capacity to receive what you are asking for? What if the couple did not have the jars or anything for the servants to fill with water? Also when God says “GO” Or “I have done it”, don’t hesitate to “GO” or celebrate, even if in the natural it doesn’t look like anything has changed. #SELAH

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